I searched extensively for the right Doula and as soon as we met Louise we knew she would be exactly the support we were hoping to find. For me personally it was the cherry on the cake that she had experienced a Vbac herself and her views and ethos about birth were music to my ears. 

Throughout, Louise has just been out if this world.
 Before the birth, during and after, her help and support has been priceless. 

Before the birth her visits and a 3 step fear releasing session were pivotal in getting me into the right mindset for the natural birth I really wanted.
On the day of my labour she picked me up and took me to hospital in the middle of the night on christmas eve, whilst my partner waited for his mom to come and look after our son. She missed christmas day with her own 3 son's! 
Her hypnobirthing guidance during labour got me through hours of surges. Her experience and knowledge were pivotal in escaping some of the medical interventions I was so keen to avoid and she was so impressive in an uncomfortable conversation with the consultant because of how well versed she is with stats and information. 
Throughout my labour she helped my partner support me and was a champion for my birth preferences the whole way through.

Even when our son was born and we got our Vbac 15 hours later and when christmas day was almost over she was still happy to stay and help us (we were completely fine though and wanted her to get back to her sons).
After the birth she visited us when we were struggling with our new borns reflux and gave us contacts and advice.
She will always be so special to us and we would love to stay intouch.
We can't thank her enough. Anyone lucky enough to cross paths with Louise will be forever grateful they did, as are we.
Truly a genuine one of a kind lady you rarely meet in life. Xxxx


"Louise came to us full of positivity, energy, care, concern, and I could tell she was genuine and genuinely wanted to turn the titanic around (the titanic being the downward spiral of our situation!).


She jumped right in, making me a cup of tea even in her interview. 
I never felt like I had to host Louise in my home, Which is what I needed, any hosting just really took it out of me!


She navigated the days with me on a moment-by-moment basis and also was very flexible with committing to times and hours. 

She brought joy and life back into our home and I'm forever grateful!


If you enjoy being around someone who is positive, who is a go-getter, someone who is thoughtful and genuine, then Louise is the doula for you!"


"Louise made a profound and positive contribution to the birth of a beautiful little girl.


As a first time father and mother, my partner and I were working towards and planning a positive birth, using hypnobirthing and having  a natural water birth at home, however things didn’t go as planned and my partner ended up being induced in Hospital and going into labour quite rapidly after that. Louise was there with us all the way, her kind compassionate support and wisdom really helped guide us on our birthing journey. Preparing, planning, answering any questions along the way.


As a man, I was supporting my partner throughout, but there is something about knowledge about birth from mothers. Louise is a wonderful doula and now part of our family. I’m so grateful for her being there at our daughters birth and the support she provided Lauren and myself  before and afterwards, sometimes turning up in the middle of the night to help! Thank you so much Louise, Adam"


"I can not recommend Louise enough"

From our first conversation on the phone, when I was just trying to find out a little more information about hypnobirthing, I knew Louise was the right person for me & my fiancé..
We seemed to get on straight away & it just felt right, so I signed us up over the phone. Even though she was the first person I spoke to, I trusted in my gut & just went with it...

From then on I was so pleased about the decision I had made.
Me & my partner had many questions, as you can imagine being first time parents. Some not normally part of the course but Louise would always answer any of our questions.

By the end of the course as well as feeling very positive about going into our birthing experience using hypnobirthing, we both felt totally calm, knowledgeable and excited about everything else that comes with it!

We would truly recommend Louise from the bottom of our hearts and believe she will bring nothing but light & joy to this incredibly special time in your life. X


"At the beginning I did not know what a Doula was – however since the birth of our second child I highly recommend Louise. 

Louise is a warm person who was calm and in control during an emotional time.  I quickly realised she could help with anything we needed. 

I was worried as a husband and felt quite helpless whilst my wife was struggling.  Louise was amazing, reassuring and calm and knew exactly what to do.  This meant that everyone was calm (including me)

I was so happy that she was there with the experience and knowledge of what to do. 


I highly recommend Louise as a warm person who will help everyone."

NB;English as a second language - Cesarean Section birth


"Louise is a wonderful woman, she is so kind, caring and loving and I felt like I had another
mum with me and that’s exactly what I wanted. Louise is really knowledgeable and if she
didn’t know something she would look it up for us so we had the answers.

Definitely have a doula if you are able to. Their love and care is priceless and it is the best
gift you can give to yourself, your partner and your new baby."

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