Hypnobirthing - squawking like a chicken, or taking your clothes off on stage!!!

I'm happy to report, none of the above.

Hypno is the Greek word for sleep...... so in it's essence hypnobirthing means peaceful birth

"If only I'd known about hypnobirthing when I had my first child, I can't explain the feeling of comfort, control and calm it bought me"

A Hypnobirthing Story

I can’t rave enough about Hypnobirthing. My partner and I decided to do the course as I was interested in what it involved.

Don’t knock until you have tried it.

We started off with the intention of having our baby in hospital but by the end of our course decided to try and have it at home and hired a birthing pool which was lovely.

As the labour progressed, my Partner took me into relaxation which enabled me to relax and even sleep while in the birthing pool.

I do genuinely believe that if I had not had the hypnobirth experience I would not have realised the potential of my own body and how it needs to be able to ‘get on with the job in hand’ without the addition of stress which fights it all the way.

When in relaxation I would describe it as that Sunday afternoon sleep that you contently drift in and out of. I could feel the surges and would describe them as the ache you get during your period.

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