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3 Step Rewind Process

A gentle way to lift traumatic feelings after a difficult birth or postnatal experience

  If a previous experience is causing you anxiety and stress about the birth of your new baby then 3 Step rewind relaxation may be a way to release those unwanted feelings and help you move forward with feelings of calm and confidence.

if trying to 'get over it' or 'just move on' isn't having any effect on you then please do get in touch. This is not 'therapy' or 'counselling', but a guided relaxation which involves you resetting the way your brain replays the memories it has of this previous experience. The technique neutralises the disturbing feelings associated with the trauma you have experienced and the feeling of anxiety that comes with the memory

There was a time when I felt complete. W

Step 1

I will listen to your story, should you want to tell it. 

If talking about the traumatic experience makes you feel uncomfortable there is no need. You will however, need to remember it yourself.

We will talk about how you would like to feel if you didn't have the feelings you are currently experiencing.

Image by Dawid Zawiła

Step 2

I will explain the process to you and ensure you are ready to move forward. We will then go through a deep relaxation process during which you will recall the event in specific ways whilst in a safe and relaxed environment. The technique neutralises the disturbing feelings associated with the trauma you have experienced. The memory of what happened still exists, but it no longer brings with it unwanted feelings.

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Step 3

We will talk about your rewind experience. and reassess the intensity of the of the unwanted feeling you experienced when recalling the event.

We will then image how you would like to feel when thinking back to this time moving forward. and go through another relaxation to enforce these feelings.

this will help you to look forward to the birth of your baby with a feeling of calm and confidence

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