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Testimonials and reviews

Testimonial - Hi Louise, thought I’d send you a (left handed) text while I feed our gorgeous baby girl. She was born a week ago today at home, in the birth pool as we planned. She was also born in her membranes, which was the most incredible, surreal thing. I saw this silver floating orb below me that contained my beautiful baby inside. 

We had such a calm birth and I really attribute that to why we have such a calm, content baby. The hypnobirthing techniques we learnt with you were the reason for all of this. There were definitely hard parts where I lost my cool, but listening to Paul’s voice say the trigger words I needed to get back in the zone and get my breathing back to my focus was the most magical thing. It was like my mind was programmed to listened to him over anything else. Some of the best ones for me were: release, soften, calm, confident. 

So I just wanted to say thank you for giving us the tools to have the most empowering experience I think I’ll ever have xx

Please also take a look at my Google reviews 5                         across the board

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