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Postnatal Doula Services

As your postnatal Doula I offer peaceful, emotional, practical and physical support following the birth of your baby.


I will visit you in your home or in Hospital from as early as the day you baby is born if you need me to. My aim throughout is to support and nurture you and your family so that your transition to parenthood is as calm and enjoyable as it can be.  Making you as comfortable as possible, making sure you feel looked after so you can in turn look after your baby at your best and enjoy the postnatal period.

 There is no right and wrong and I am certainly not there to tell you there is.  I will encourage you, offering suggestions and tips as well as providing a supportive home environment to enable you as a mother to develop your own mothering skills in a stress-free manner, whilst feeling relaxed, confident and cared for so that you can enjoy your time with your new baby.

Louise Oliver

Actual help may vary from day-to-day as your family’s needs change in those first few weeks. As a general guide I can:

  • Help in creating an emotionally secure and safe place for you, your partner and your baby to thrive.

  • Spend time with you to chat about any doubts you may have allowing you to find your own answers, your own parenting styles, and encouraging you to be the mother you want to be without necessarily being influenced by other parents’ style or books.

  • Make sure you feel nurtured and cared for. Allowing you time to sleep, have a shower or bath while I look after your baby for you. 

  • Routine new-born care, guidance for new parents in bathing, handling, burping, calming techniques, sleeping patterns and new-born development.

  • Breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding support. 

  • Household tasks including laundry (no ironing, I'm rubbish at it !!), light housekeeping, grocery shopping etc. 

  • Accompany mother and baby to any appointments or shopping trips. 


Louise Oliver
  • Running errands. 

  • Supporting older siblings, school run's, homework supervision, lego construction!

  • Accompany and support the family during seasonal holidays if required.

  • I will stay overnight if required and look after your baby so that you can sleep and regain your strength

I offer a free consultation so that we can get to know each other and you can decide if I am the Doula for you. Every Doula is different and it's important for you to find someone you feel completely comfortable with.

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