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Find the right place to give birth
Answer a few simple questions and discover whether birth in a local labour ward, birth centre or at home would be best for you.
The Association of Breastfeeding Mothers (ABM) is a voluntary organisation founded in 1979 by mothers already experienced in breastfeeding counselling.
Every woman has a right to:
  • safe and appropriate maternity care that respects her dignity;

  • privacy and confidentiality;

  • make choices about her own pregnancy and childbirth;

  • equality and freedom from discrimination.

Evidence Based Birth® is an online childbirth resource that informs, empowers and inspires expecting parents and birth-care practitioners globally, to understand the latest, proven, evidence based care practices.
This website presents research evidence about biologically normal sleep for human babies.
Guidelines & research services
Resources to support your clinical practice, including RCOG guidelines, the RCOG’s journals (BJOG and TOG), and library and information services.
AIMS works towards better births for all by campaigning and information sharing, protecting human rights in childbirth and helping women to know their rights, whatever birth they want, and wherever they want it.